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« Service Compris 2.0 »

360 ideas for improving the quality service in the Internet age

25 years after the incredible success of "Service Compris", translated into several languages and has sold 500,000 copies since 1986, Philippe Bloch recurrence by publishing "Service Compris 2.0", subtitled "360 ideas for improving the quality service in the Internet age." At a time when entire sectors of the economy are threatened by the tremendous growth of internet, the book delivers all managers some 360 tips to implement immediately to improve their quality of service, and return man in the heart of the customer relationship.
First business book "quadruple play" (for smartphone applications, email subscription, eBook and printed book), "Service Included 2.0" is published by Ventana Editions, which was launched by Philippe Bloch.

« Bienheureux les Fêlés… »

Everyone can be an entrepreneur

Philippe Bloch’s latest book « Bienheureux les Fêlés… » tells his personal story as the founder of Columbus Café, the company he created in 1994 and turned into France’s leading chain of espresso bars. Published in March 2003 by Robert Laffont, the book was a best-seller among French entrepreneurs and made Philippe a central figure in that community.

« Dinosaures & Caméléons »

9 paradoxes to succeed in an unpredictable world

Philippe published his second book « Dinosaurs & Chameleons » in April 1991 (Jean-Claude Lattès Publishers), convinced that entrepreneurs would have to constantly reinvent themselves to survive in an unpredictable world. The book has since become a reference for numerous French executives, selling more than 60,000 copies in its first year of publication.

« Service compris »

Happy customers make winning companies

On returning to France after spending two years in New York, Philippe Bloch, then aged 27, published his first book « Service Compris » in February 2006 (Jean-Claude Lattès Publishers). The book sold more than 100,000 copies in its first 12 months of publication. Translated into Italian and Portuguese and later published in a Pocket edition, « Service Compris » became a business phenomenon, selling more than half a million copies in Europe.

dinausauri & cameleonti Servizio compreso serviço incluido Service compris Service compris Service compris

Above: the foreign, paperback and audio editions of Philippe Bloch’s books
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